Authentication for the Veezi API is controlled via an Access Token. To obtain an access token, a Veezi customer must generate one in Veezi Back Office and provide this token to the person who wants to use the API. The Veezi customer has full control over their API access tokens and can decide to cancel them at any time.

To make a call to any of the Veezi API methods you must add the access token to a custom HTTP header VeeziAccessToken. If this is not provided or if the access token is not valid you will receive a 403 Forbidden HTTP reposonse. Please note that you can't pass the access token as a query string e.g. will not work.

Using JQuery it looks something like this:

        url: '',
        dataType: 'json',
        headers: { 'VeeziAccessToken': 'MyAccessToken' },
        success: function (x) {
            // Do something with the results

Each access token gives you access to one Veezi site. If the account has multiple sites and you wish to access them all, you'll need an access token for each site